Gateway Connection

MyBank Gateway is the new solution to connect to MyBank.

It is a technical service owned and managed by MyBank Solution Manager, allowing Payee PSPs to exchange technical messages with Payer PSPs.

PSPs communicate only with MyBank Gateway through an API-based direct connection.  A single SCT credit instruction is generated by the Payer PSP for each transaction. Payee PSPs will receive SCT payments and credit the funds to their Sellers’ accounts.

PRETA S.A.S. provides technical specifications, legal documents, as well as a platform to carry out testing activities.


The main advantages of this solution are:

- Direct connection through APIs specifically designed for Payer PSPs and Payee PSPs

- Seamless integration via a REST API to initiate transactions and retrieve their status

- Dedicated MyBank Gateway User Interface to monitor transaction status

- Reduced ICT development and maintenance

- New use cases (e.g. MyBank QR code) with a quick time to market

- Direct Support from PRETA




Description of roles:

Payer: Payers validate e-authorization requests for payments. They are not Participants in the solution, they are considered End-Users.

Payer PSP: It is the bank of the Payer offering the possibility to authenticate an e-authorisation Request. 

Payee: Payees sell goods and services on their website or mobile applications, which are connected to MyBank via their Payee PSP. They are not Participants in the solution, they are considered End-Users of the solution.

Payee PSP: It is the bank of the Payee offering e-authorisation services, ensuring that Payees (merchants) receive MyBank payments from Payer PSPs. Payee PSPs are responsible for their merchants, ensuring proper KYC/AML. 





Main steps of the onboarding process:

Onboarding procedure.JPG

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