MyBank is built on the 4-corner model, involving Payers, Payees, Payer PSPs, and Payee PSPs.


Distributed Connection


The Merchant conveys the e-authorization requests through the Routing Service owned and provided by a Seller Bank

The request is received by the Payer PSP’s Validation Service and presented to the Payer through the Home Banking environment.


Payer PSPs

Payer PSPs enable customers to make online payments with MyBank. A Payment Service Provider on the payer side will have a Validation Service to handle transaction requests from the Payee’s Payment Service Provider and to communicate with its online/mobile banking environment. 


Payee PSPs

Payee PSPs enable merchants to collect payments with MyBank. A Payment Service Provider on the payee side will receive the initiating party request from the merchant and forward it via its Routing Service to to the Validation Service of Payer PSPs.






Easy to integrate

There is no need to reorganise your online and mobile banking services in order to offer MyBank to your customers. MyBank requires little specific investment as it relies on the online banking environment and SEPA processing infrastructure already in place. 


Payer PSP

A Payment Service Provider on the buyer side will only need to implement or outsource a validation service to handle the transaction request from the seller’s payment service provider and to communicate with its online/mobile banking environment. 


Payee PSP

The seller’s Payment Service Provider will need to communicate with the online business and the MyBank Gateway API.



Join MyBank today


Before sending their application, candidates must have developed their technical infrastructure and be in a position to start the testing activities against the testing platforms. Candidates need to follow an onboarding process ahead of the start of the testing to allow for provisioning. All necessary information is provided by the Solution Manager during the preparation phase.

In order to provide candidates with maximum flexibility, a simulator (Self-Certification Platform) is at the disposal of future participants to carry out testing on their own and complete their self-certification.





If you wish to learn more about MyBank technical specifications or gain access to documentation reserved for Banks and PSPs, please contact us.