MyBank provider program

sp_programs.jpgThe Provider Program is dedicated to companies who wish to offer infrastructure, IT and mobile technology or consulting services to MyBank Participants or their customers. The program has been set up by Preta S.A.S. to facilitate the exchange of information with the Service Provider community and to ensure its inclusion in stakeholder consultation on the evolution of MyBank.

The Provider Program offers two registration levels: the Affiliation Program and the Self-Certification Program.


MyBank Affiliation Program

The Affiliation Program is open to software vendors, infrastructure developers, technology providers, consulting companies or any other organisation that provides services to Payment Service Providers or their customers. Affiliate Service Providers benefit from privileged access to MyBank solution specifications and documentation as well as visibility and networking opportunities in MyBank events and workshops.

The following companies are registered as Affiliate Service Providers in the MyBank ecosystem. 

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MyBank Self-Certification Program 

The Self-Certification Program enables Technical Providers to self-certify that their infrastructure is compliant with MyBank specifications and requirements from a technical, business and security perspective. It is dedicated exclusively to providers that offer at least one of the following components: Validation services, Routing services or Initiating party services (website integration, plug-ins, gateways, virtual POS). 

Self-Certified Technical Providers benefit from access to a MyBank test package and test tool simulator, helpdesk support during testing, the right to display the program logo in corporate communications as well as visibility and networking opportunities in MyBank events and workshops. 
The following companies have successfully completed the self-certification testing program.

To learn more about the MyBank Providers Program, click here to download the detailed program description.


To see the list of Self-Certified Technical Providers, click on one of the following links:


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